A Journey With DreamQuilt

Over the past few years, I have dedicated much of my time to building and launching DreamQuilt. After two years of producing independent alternative theatre, including Gainesville’s first “mixed-media variety show,” tribute shows to Jim Henson and Joss Whedon, and a rock musical revue, I had my efforts derailed by the closure of my home venue.

I regrouped and shifted DreamQuilt’s focus to creative team-building and the workshops that were previously housed under the nonprofit project CerridwenWorks. We launched the workshops at the Gainesville Mini Maker’s Faire.

With the help of UF Warrington College of Business’ Big Idea Competition, I developed a business plan, and DreamQuilt will launch in its full capacity this year. I’m excited to have two new business partners and a pilot program that will allow us to finally begin growing.

I also limited CerridwenWorks to its film-related endeavors, and released its first mini-documentary, A Million Moments, last fall, as part of a series on anti-violence activism. The next two films in the series are a reflexive ethnography of the antifa movement and a faux-documentary about intimate partner abuse. I am also working on a documentary about the cirque and puppetry movements.

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