Alternative and Applied Theatre

To empower the community through collaboration and creativity, to educate through art, to entertain with an open mind and heart.

DreamQuilt, an restorative arts and immersive theatre company, is a production agency that assembles creative and technical personnel for the production of plays, films, and art events that are socially conscious, philosophically oriented, and/or provocative and activist. The agency will also handle distribution for short and feature films (released under the name CerridwenWorks ) that meet these criteria.

Moreover, through its ARTifacts program, the agency sponsors and organize community and educational events that incorporate the arts, by:

  • developing immersive and interactive art shows and variety productions
  • hosting movie nights and film fests
  • conducting applied theatre and restorative arts workshops

DreamQuilt LLC has built its name through its production of interactive art shows, immersive variety shows, and short, socially conscious plays. We are also assisting in the development and execution of artistic events; creating promotional materials for theatre productions, art shows, and events; coordinating benefit productions; sponsoring small arts companies; and promoting other artistic opportunities in north and central Florida.

To learn more about this project, please visit the DreamQuilt website.

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