CerridwenWorks Launches with Interactive Art Show

I selected a name for my applied art and theatre production agency, discussed here. The namesake is the Celtic deity of creation and education, Cerridwen. I find the name appropriate because Cerridwen, like all Celtic deities, defies the dichotomous associations of light and dark that shape the Judeo-Christian tradition. Elements of light and dark, birth and death, pain and joy, are needed for the act of creation. These collaging processes have always been appealing to me, as you might have guessed by the work of a set decorator and collage artist. Moreover, the very illusion of theatre and its deception to tell the truth has important educational qualities, which are all the more apparent to me the more I learn about the processes of enculturation and socialization.

So, the best solution for someone who loves art, theatre, film, and anthropology is to combine them all in a swirly goodness akin to the magic brewing in Cerridwen’s cauldron. I’ve participated in some events that blurred these lines, such as Galileo of Gainesville at the ART and Tom Miller’s Tabernacle of Hedonism. What I long for is an event with an explicitly activist and  educational purpose, and thus, considering the success of the first event, I re-brewed TigerMonkey Extravaganza.

TigerMonkey Extravaganza 2.0, at the Civic Media Center on Oct. 4 from 6 to 10pm, will be focused on the intellectual, artistic, and social exchange among artists and guests. Experience the beautiful work of gifted visual and performance artists and share via open mic.

Both our guests and the participating artists have the opportunity to share their artistic experiences via open mic. Participants and guests are encouraged to share their stories about art, beauty, and inspiration, respond to an artwork in the show, or perform spoken word. Too often is there a gap between the art and the appreciator, whether it is anonymity, unfamiliarity, or the distance between the stage and the audience. In Gainesville’s thriving artistic community, the gap is small, but can still be bridged by allowing guests and artists to switch roles in an artistic dialogue. Moreover, all participants and guests work together on the “collaborative canvas.” Acrylics, pastels, crayons, charcoal, and pencils will be available at the event so that all may contribute to the development of a large, unique work of art.

I’m very excited about this event. Most of CerridwenWorks’ events and outreach will not be of this nature, but I expect all its fundraisers to be. I’m still working on the full business plan for tax filing purposes, but I expect to register as a Sole Proprietor until the agency expands to include its core staff, at which point we will reapply as a 501c3.

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