Coming Up: Red Soul Days Gainesville

Red Soul Days, a passionate, homegrown multimedia event to raise awareness about inequality, violence, and abuse based on sex and gender issues. So named for the color of an aura that’s deeply in love, aroused, angry, and survivalist. So named for the

CerridwenWorks is building a fantastic and huge feminist multimedia event for August. We’d like the launch event to be a topical play addressing gender, sex, and/or LGBT issues. To heighten creativity and celebrate Gainesville’s abundance of talent, we’d like 2-3 writers to work together to produce a play that can be staged with the capacity for audience interaction. Humor encouraged! Email me at filmafic06[at]gmail[dot]com for details.

Other events include bands, burlesque, empowerment speakers, open discussion, and comedy. Feminist activism, in applied anthropology, means building dialogue in cultural ways, and digging down to find the root causes of inequality and structural violence and instrumental violence. This event aims to do so by targeting all audiences, not just the affected populations, and using the creative input of all concerned people, whatever their sex, gender, or orientation, to build a dialogue. During Red Soul Days, as we should all year, we’ll celebrate a multitude of positionalities and a complexity of expressive content.

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