Still seeking opportunities in production design…

Unfortunately, it seems that I have been let go from production of the short film. 🙁 Or perhaps I was never in, I’m not sure. After a successful (I thought) interview and sending my preliminary report as requested, I was contacted twice telling me that I would be called within a few days to discuss the project. A week passed between each of these emails, and I thought at least I would be contacted personally if I wasn’t in, but instead I got the form email sent to everyone who applied and didn’t make it. How insulting.

This is always a risk with independent films; people will toss the offer your way, get you to do some work for them, and then drop you for someone who “better fits our needs.” Thankfully I hadn’t given too much time…still, disappointing.

So, I am anxiously seeking a new project, and need to do some research on how to seal the deal for a production design gig. It almost seems like a throwaway term at this point, given the variation in what people ask for when you apply. I do hope an interesting project comes my way soon.

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