About Me

After a childhood spent at science fairs or 4-H camps and buried in books and National Geographics, Rachel Wayne earned her master’s in anthropology from the University of Florida — a sure sign that she is both a geek and a country girl.

She decided to turn her passion for human quirks into a new endeavor in the world of marketing. She has worked with a variety of organizations, including local governments, community organizations, and nonprofits, as a strategic storyteller and content creator.

Prior to launching her content marketing enterprises, she wore multiple hats in the nascent Communications Office of the University of Florida’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, serving as a science writer, Public Information Officer, web editor, copywriter, social media manager, and as the associate editor of the award-winning Ytori magazine.

Rachel now provides branding, copywriting, digital marketing, and SEO services to equally passionate clients in a wide range of industries.

As an active participant in community nonprofits and educational organizations, Rachel has fully embraced her geeky side — along with her addiction to fair-trade dark roasts and dank IPAs. She eagerly draws upon her alarmingly long list of interests with a passionate mission to change the world through creative works.

A lifetime student of Earth and its denizens, Rachel writes nonfiction articles about science, culture, and history; reported essays on topics surrounding health, media, and economic disparities; and retrospectives and critiques of pop culture, cinema, and music.

In her spare time, she enjoys aerial dance, gardening, theme parks, craft beer, and kayaking (though not all at the same time).