New Freelance Business, New Personal Brand

It happened. I went full-time freelance!

All year, I’ve been picking up extra writing work to help pay the bills. I learned a lot of hard lessons by participating in sites such as Upwork and Copify. Then, I was laid off from the job I’d accepted to relocate to Orlando. It was time to jump into freelancing feet first.

My business is called Free Ring Circus:

  • Free for freelance
  • Ring to represent my full-circle approach to communications
  • Circus as a nod to my aerial artistry and to reflect my story-oriented approach and target market of creative clients

I’ve been scaling up my efforts with a full content marketing strategy that encompasses Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, and I’m working on building my client network.

Meanwhile, I’ve been tickled to receive a lot of positive client reviews on Upwork. It’s been a huge confidence boost. For years, I sold myself short and was too nervous to talk myself up. Now, I’ve gotten better at both marketing myself and understanding my creative talent.

Introducing The Geeky Chica!

I’ve developed a personal brand, The Geeky Chica, and used this to market my writing. I’ve also ramped up my self-publishing efforts by regularly posting on Medium, and I’m currently pitching to a range of nonfiction publishers.

Although I’ve worked for years as a professional writer, it’s been thrilling to see my following grow as I get my geek on (hence my brand name). I love being able to write about film, culture, life lessons, and even productivity, and be part of a larger conversation. Medium has also given me the opportunity to practice my craft every day and continue to improve. I’ve come a long way since I started grad school and constantly used dangling modifiers! The one thing that hasn’t changed is that I still use the Oxford comma. You can pry it from my cold dead hands.

You can follow me on Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Reddit.

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