Teatro de los Muertos

My anthology of 5 short plays about death and dying, Teatro de los Muertos, was a hit.
A collection of responses:
My mother:
Thankful for my children and what they have accomplished by working so hard toward their dreams. Last night I saw my daughter’s first produced play–actually five short plays–about loss. By turns heartbreaking and funny, her work gave a cast of talented actors an incredible range of emotions to play. I’m surprised I held it together. From the time my children were small, watching what they do has made me cry. Being a parent means a lifetime of tears (and embarrassing our kids) because they make us so proud.
Another audience member:
It was AWESOME! Excellent job by Rachel and the cast and crew. The subject of reincarnation in Act V is definitely Twilight Zone material.

One of my cast members:
Last night was insane. I can’t believe the show is over. Im going to miss seeing these people everyday, they’re all such beautiful people. This show was seriously one of the biggest blessings I’ve ever had. and i owe it all to my director. She’s the one that finally gave me a chance. She saw something in me and thinking about it makes me teary eyed :’) If it wasn’t for her, i wouldn’t have professional actors telling me “you’ve got it, you’re brilliant, you’re amazing.” It feels so surreal. I always thought I was going to be one of those people that never got farther than high school theater. There was a time that I was just going to quit theater forever and felt like i would never get to go as far as i really wanted to. and then Rachel gave me this huge role and now I have the confidence to go even further and further. Its all thanks to you love
Teatro features 5 one-acts:
The Light in my Life: in the late 19th century, a mother losing her daughter to fever binds her life to her daughter’s. A true medical condition called Broken Heart Syndrome, the despair and stress over a profound loss can be a cause of death or severe illness. This was the original piece in this anthology, and features an emotive piece called “Her Hands,” as a monologue.
Death is Whatever: two teenage girls driven apart by their mutual friend’s untimely death recover with the help of a hand beyond the grave. I was tired of ghost stories in which the spirit only causes trouble or enacts vengeance. I wanted a ghost story with a happier ending.
Reincarnation: a grieving widow believes her husband has been reincarnated as an oak sapling. This idea came to me in a dream and I wanted to explore the intrigue of reincarnation as a very personal encounter, rather than a larger principle of theology.
Dead Men Tell No Tales: a young woman caught in a maelstrom takes matters into her own hands. No death anthology would be complete without touching on the subject of matter. I felt it was important to address the human aspects of murder, rather than resorting to moralizing or stereotyping portrayals of murder.
Death Becomes You: a troubled young person learns the precise details of mortality. A parody of multiple religious traditions while affirming the spiritual aspects of all, I wrote this “Wonderful Life” inspired piece to have a twist: rather than not being born, what would it be like if someone else took your life? What if the rules of the universe were handled in a way reminiscient of American bureaucracy? A favorite piece of many viewers of the anthology, “Death Becomes You” was my twisty, sarcastic contribution to the genre.
Influences on this anthology include Dogma, by Kevin Smith, Made in Heaven, by Bruce Evans and Raynold Gideon, It’s A Wonderful Life, based on the short story “The Greatest Gift” by Philip van Doren Stern, and certain segments of “Six Feet Under,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and “Angel,” in which characters have conversations with dead characters.

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  1. all five were so impressive. As someone who often grapples with the meaning of life and death, especially after having my father die in front of me in a lonely hospital room while I was in my 20s, I can appreciate trying to understand its deeper meanings.

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