What is Brand Storytelling?

Marketing, copywriting, social media, and advertising shouldn’t be isolated efforts. There is one thing that has consistently unified the world’s most successful people and enterprises: the story. Whether it’s tales our ancestors told around the fire, the enduring legacy of our top inventors and leaders, or simply a recognizable logo that’s little more than a swoosh, story connects us all and taps into our culturally-mediated desires and goals.

And story is the key ingredient in branding. As an anthropologist by education and a creator at heart, born to two journalism and PR experts, I bring a uniquely holistic perspective to branding and marketing. They are two sides of the same coin, two colors on the same spectrum.

Since beginning my communications career in government and higher ed, I saw a gap between what we wanted to say and what people were perceiving. In these complicated times, clarity is more than finding the right words. It’s forging a relatable experience for our audience — and it must be done ethically and inclusively.

That’s why my vast experience includes content marketing, web accessibility, inclusive language, and other critical skills in today’s diverse world:

  • As a writer, Public Information Officer, and social media manager in the UF College of Liberal Arts and Sciences’ nascent Communications Office, I strived to make our institution’s research as relatable as it was strategic.
  • As a community liaison and digital content strategist for Alachua County and the City of Orlando, I unveiled the story behind the policies and procedures, helping citizens better understand their local government.
  • As a brand consultant and strategist for industry-disrupting tech firms, integrative and alternative medicine clinics, luxury cosmetic brands, and more, I leveraged the core story at the heart of the business needs to help them achieve their marketing goals.